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((Okay, I know it’s not Motorcity related, but you gotta help me out here people!))

((Gravity Falls is now being tossed onto Disney XD, where I’ve learned over the course of time that good shows go to die or are just ignored by the network entirely. Some examples being Motorcity, Tron Legacy, and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, despite the SRMTHFG! having 4 seasons and almost nothing in terms of merchandise.))

((When Disney XD usually has a good show, they start fucking with it’s programming times, and putting it on when kids or most human beings can’t watch it. Usually around 5am on weekends, or 2-3am on weekdays. And you should even take that with a truckload of salt, because they don’t stick to a planned schedule a good part of the time when they’re trying to kill a show’s ratings.))

((So help me spread the word, everyone! That it’s now imperative to watch as much Gravity Falls as you can when it’s on! Even when they’re just showing reruns! I don’t want to lose another great and original show to Disney’s horrible decisions again.))


the end is fuckin’ nigh!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Disney XD, where good shows come to die.

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A little behind the scenes look of the early stages of Green Lantern the Animated Series.

My eternal gratitude to everyone who helped prove the doubters wrong.

And Bruce is right, BTAS was one of my favorite and most memorable shows. “Data” can only say so much about a shows’ potential, what truly matters is how much your audience enjoys your material. I’m hardly have any grasp of the industry and their “clockwork” but for what it’s’ worth, I am grateful for the rare gems that had their debut on the airwaves. Even if it were for a little while.

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Should I keep this pose or make a new one? What do u guys think?

I think it’s cute but it’s kinda out of place with the other prints. I’d want to see more of their personality. Save this one though for another print.


Should I keep this pose or make a new one? What do u guys think?

I think it’s cute but it’s kinda out of place with the other prints. I’d want to see more of their personality. Save this one though for another print.

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Am I the only one who feels like it’s a terrible, exploitative thing to get 30+ guest artists for a book that’s being sold for personal gains?

There is no mention of a charity and about 80% of the work is guest art, meaning the guest artists are the selling point. I am willing to bet that the guests didn’t realize this would be the case. I personally have nothing against having guests, but only if they’re an added bonus and not the bulk of the book. Moreover, the guest artists weren’t paid (aside from a copy of the book/goodies) and profits probably aren’t going to be divvy’d amongst these 30+ artists.

Essentially, the “main artist” is going to make thousands of dollars off these artists.

The most frustrating part of this is that the contributing artists are likely going to let it slide on the basis of preserving the relationship with the “main artist.” To them, it’s not worth the scuffle since they only contributed 1 piece each. In fact, I expect some backlash from the contributors for even bringing this to light. But I don’t care at this point, even if the artists I respect hate me for this.

This is such a blatant manipulation of the artist culture I love so much. I can’t support this project because I support the contributing artists.

If this were committed by a random entrepreneur, it would NEVER be considered okay, so why is it okay if it’s a popular artist?



After reading this post by joodlez, I wanted to clarify where the profits would be going, so naturally, I asked soundlesswind themselfAccording to soundlesswind, the book is going to help someone they know, as well as a portion being set aside for a Cancer Society. The “thousands of dollars” are not going to be kept for themself, and whether you think helping a friend in immediate need is personal gain is your own opinion. According to soundlesswind, the guest artists know this and decided to participate, and so they are not being taken advantage of. As long as the guest artists are aware and decided to contribute anyways, it is their own choice and you cannot judge them for that. 

 I understand your cautiousness about this matter, joodlez, especially because this kind of thing DOES happen in the art community and when it happens it is awful. However, shooting someone an ask was a simple and easy task that provided some much needed clarification.

You heard it yourself, don’t just shoot down something just because one person had “speculations” and decided it was fact. Decide for yourself about these things.

In actuality though, one shouldn’t have to reveal to the public every little aspect of a project and it should be assumed that all artists knew what they’re going into and were free to leave if they wanted to. They all had a choice. So I request those who support this artbook and the artists in it to spread this around to clarify a false speculation that was made “fact”

Thanks net-idol for taking the initiative and actually asking about the project. I admire your courtesy to find out more about it and it’s cause. I hope this clarifies any misunderstanding fabricated by the original post.

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just trying to keep up the momentum


just trying to keep up the momentum

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-Turbo; Turbo F.A.S.T. “Surf n’ Turf”

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it was like:

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Better to have loved and lost, amiright?

tap dance on our hearts PoM and have Reid Scott deliver the final crushing blow: “WOOOO HOO HOO YEEEEAAAAHHH!” 


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Hot damn! Look at the adherence to the multiple styles! So cool!

This is amazing.

Fuck people who can draw

oh my god yes

thats insane, bravo!! I wanna do this!

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more mutt ref

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-Turbo; Turbo F.A.S.T. “Surf n’ Turf”