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Exclusive: ‘The 7D’ Clip

Since Motorcity, Mike Chilton turned into a racing snail version of himself. Julie Kane is running a local doughnut shop in Steven’s Universe. And now, Daddy Texas is a wizard-husbando named Grimm.

He’s the only reason I’d watch this show. The show itself is “eh”

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Enjoy. :)

heyyyy i animated a shot in this and so did many of my friends! enjoy!

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Steven Universe Episode 20 “Coach Steven” stream

D/L and mirrors here


Thank you!!!! I’m no longer irked

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All these pages are 8.5x11, 300 dpi. Feel free to print it out in full size if you like physical copies

Comics and Comic Artists

Jake Wyatt- deviantart tumblr

"Welcome To Summers"


Suggested Reading/Books:

Scott McCloud’s “Making Comics” (entirely done in comic format)



Speech Bubbles Mistakes

Paint Bucket Resource

Storyboarding and Camera angles

What is DPI?

Transferring Traditional to Digital (Photoshop Tutorial)

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how do people even fuck up movie adaptations there’s literally a written plot all set out for you with character descriptions and dialogue

I’ve asked the same question, myself. Why is it so hard to screw up a book adaptation into a movie? When I had a first-hand experience writing a script, it was frustrating, as well as enlightening.

While short stories, novellas, or novels can be constricting if they choose to be. You have the freedom to speak in the third person, first person, or second person (i.e. Welcome to Night Vale- “A Story About You”). You have insight to your characters emotions, intentions, etc. In short, you are god. (And that’s hard enough as it is.)

Meanwhile, the rules to screenwriting is as follows:

  • must be written in the present tense.
  • can only describe what you see and hear.

Scripts describe the movie as if it were already made; you’re “re-telling” the events that occurred. Descriptions are less than a paragraph with just enough detail to paint a scene.


Back in Deluxe, Julie managed to recruit Claire to help her research and prepare for the event. Claire sat on the bed while Julie tried on one outfit after another. Julie couldn’t help but notice Claire’s unusual lack of enthusiasm in dressing her up for a party. The redhead looked over to her gloomy faced friend, Julie forced a smile to her lips in attempts to brighten the mood a little.

“So?” Julie nudged. Claire glanced at her outfit and nodded, “Cute.” Claire answered plainly. Julie set down the dress on the bed and put her hands on her hips.
“Claire, what’s with you today?”

“Nothing’s with me, I’m just…thinking.” An uneasiness was starting to building in the room and without uttering a word, Julie understood.

 Script Adaptation:


Claire sits on edge of the bed, leisurely flipping through a magazine as Julie models several stylish outfits in the mirror. Julie turns to Claire.


Claire shifts her gaze up briefly then resumes flipping through the magazine.


Julie tosses the dress back on the bed in annoyance. Then she places her hands on her hips.

                What’s with you today?

Claire rolls her head to the side, equivalently annoyed by Julie’s tone.

                 Nothing’s with me. I’m just (beat)

True, that screenwriters have the reference at their disposal but they have to hack their way through tons of extra internal description to capture the same mood.

Ultimately, scripts are at the mercy of the Director and the Cast of Actors.

And if the movie adaptation turns out badly, then everyone can cringe together!

(and don’t get me started with comics, lol please don’t.)

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The new anime is better in a lot of things, the fidelity to the original dressing details, the jewelry, the shading, the scene composition (more simmilar to the manga, than the old anime), the effects, I even like the 3D parts!

But the expressivity… oh boy, that’s gone. And for those who keep telling me that it has the same expresivity as the manga, and that I am such a terrible fan for not knowing that… Well, this is for you. :D

And I don’t mean to start a war, it is okay if you like it, and it is okay if you don’t. Everyone has the right to show their opinion without the “YOU ARE NOT A TRUE SM FAN IF YOU COMPLAIN” thing. 

Doesn’t she also have like two right hands on image 5? How is this possible in Anime

I liked the new show, but you can’t deny this right here. So unfortunate. 

this makes me sad because tbh between the ages of 10-14 I was OBSESSED with the manga (my friends and I all loved sailor moon. I was nicknamed Bunny, my best friend was nicknamed Jupiter, and my other best friend we called V-babe after the names in the manga). You know how some preteen kids put pictures of pop stars on their walls? My walls and locker were decorated with my favorite panels of Sailor Moon manga. (and gundam wing doujinshi!)

When I heard they were doing a reboot with a style that would be more reminiscent of the manga, I was SO SO SO SUPER EXCITED but this is such a let down :C

also… she’s like 14….. in the new anime she looks more like a highschooler/adult the ugly long legs bother me a lot XD;;

I rest my case.

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The rest of the month will probably be dedicated to rough thumbnails.

if you ever wondered what the comic process is like, this is a perfect example.


The rest of the month will probably be dedicated to rough thumbnails.

if you ever wondered what the comic process is like, this is a perfect example.

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Imagine being in a relationship in which you are treated like an equal, consciously and unconsciously, sexually, emotionally, socially, romantically, without being bound by gender expectations, without risk of pregnancy (or having your reproductive rights taken away from you), without feelings of inferiority, without being mistreated or neglected because men don’t understand your body and can’t be bothered to learn how to give you pleasure (or that you even deserve pleasure). Imagine having a reciprocating relationship with someone who knows how to touch you and how to talk to you, who will never abuse you or take away your consent. Imaging feeling powerful, safe, like the default rather than the specific or second-class. Imagine not requiring special handling by awkward, inconsiderate men who were never taught any better. Imagine being allowed to touch and enjoy and indulge without apprehension. Imagine being able to trust your partner. Imagine knowledge and understanding, someone who sees your depths and treats you the way you’d treat yourself if you hadn’t been told from birth that you weren’t worth it.

Girls aren’t “making them gay.”

Girls are fantasizing about being equal.

I have wondering about this in fandom for many years and reading this just made me tear up. I figured this was a big reason, but breaking it down to this extent made me so extremely sad. I realized a long time ago that even if I met the nicest guy in the world, I still have to battle all those things mentioned above. Just being friends is hard. I don’t have a happy history in this area like a lot of women and I have major trust issues with men and I wish somehow that wall could be broken down and we could all truly be seen as equal…as people with value. If you have all of the above with someone of the opposite sex then you are really lucky. See women are expected to give all those things listed above and settle for not getting them in return. I believe it’s a rare thing if you have it returned. Like I said, if I was with the nicest guy in the world I will always doubt myself, think he see’s me as different, talk to me different… Why? Because that’s our experience. This world raises us to believe we are worth absolutely nothing. The idea of being equal is one of our greatest fantasies. 

It’s sad that it has to be a fantasy. 

It’s totally sad.

But on the other hand, slash writers are some of the most empathetic people I know. And they’re great educators, too, probably in ways they might not expect. A good slash fanfiction writer can help women understand their desires and overcome some of those feelings of shame and worthlessness.

Think about how many girls have learned how to masturbate thanks to slash fanfiction.

Sometimes just knowing that we’re all reading and enjoying the stories is an immense comfort. People will tell you that slash is trash, that fangirls are desperate and pathetic, but ladies telling ladies that they’re allowed is a powerful thing.

Yeah, oh man. This is. Yeah, this is a lot. I especially feel the taboo surrounding female sexuality to the point that even though I’m Pretty Gay myself, I’m uncomfortable with my own sexuality (not as in orientation) and also dealing with the sexuality of other women. Like in some ways, I am always hesitant to appreciate sexiness in women because we are almost never shown female sexuality in a safe, respectful, and equal way and it still freaks me out. 

wow, now there’s a cohesive answer to that nagging question.

Perfectly explains why shounen ai/ shoujo ai is so appealing. It’s not entirely about LBGT aspect but the relationship itself. You can’t help but admire the relationship because that’s what you are striving for in your own.

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well, honestly there’s not much to tell about them at this point. I didn’t really make a background story about them. The least I can tell you about them is that Blue Topaz is “Blu” and Peridot is “Perry” and they aren’t from Earth.

For some reason they fled their home galaxy, somewhere in the universe, then fell onto Beach City. They probably speak some ancient Gem language that Garnet and the others are a bit rusty on.

Eventually, Blu and Perry adapt to life in Beach City, learn the language and they just become normal residents.

^^;; and that’s all I got so far. 

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I’m gonna resubmit these Steven Universe pieces, one including my OC gems. These are probably long gone in the Steven Universe tag, so here you go! lol 

Giant Women Fusions:

Pearl+Amethyst= Opal

Amethyst+Garnet= Sugilite

Garnet+Pearl= Sepessartine

Steven Fusions:

Steven+Amethyst= Kunzite

Steven+Garnet= Spinel

Steven+Pearl= Morganite